Unum’s final denial letter

There was never any doubt in my mind that the appeal for Unum to reinstate my LTD benefits would prove successful.  I mean, there was never any reason to delude myself into thinking that all of my arguments would make a difference to Unum, a multi-billion-dollar insurance company only interested in profits.

I received its final denial letter last week, but the letter is dated April 29, 2015, and the postage on the envelope is dated April 30, 2015.  I haven’t read the letter — why get even angrier and more upset?

But I think it’s interesting that I didn’t sign the updated Authorization and Release for the appeal until April 30, 2015, mailing it the same day.  As I mentioned in my last letter to Unum, the appeal had already been decided long before this administrative process was put into motion. Because Unum demanded an updated Functional Capacity Examination and wouldn’t pay for it, and knew that I couldn’t afford to pay for this expensive report, I am in violation of the contract and Unum wins again.  Poverty is the reason I no longer have long term disability benefits. Ironic, isn’t it?

Should I try to find an attorney to file an ERISA claim against Unum in court?  Well, there’s no such thing as an ERISA attorney who works pro bono.  Meaning, what would be the point? Unum knows I can’t afford to pay a retainer for an attorney to represent me, so it has no financial reasons — possible financial exposure or consequences — for denying my appeal.  And potential ERISA lawsuits aren’t even a valid reason for Unum, as they also provide no financial exposure or negative consequences for this corporation — our politicians and Attorneys General have seen to that.

5 thoughts on “Unum’s final denial letter

  1. so sorry to hear about this….I can understand it, it hits close to home my bf has had this illness since a child and still to this date just the older you get the worse it seems that it gets….. it is called CVS cyclic vomiting syndrome you just throw up for up to 1 week or so non stop…. other symptoms like headache heart attack stroke you name it….it is a illness with out much information on it and hard to diagnose …look it up if you have time….
    But anyways he even hired a lawyer and went into this big court room everything the lawyer said at the end of the meeting everything looks good since we did have a lot of documentation ….but he got turned down and said pretty much not to bother them again wtf this man my guy has lost just about everything since it got bad back about 8 years he has been driving a big truck since he was under age with his dad but he done passed many years ago he still continued to drive his own big truck now like i said he has lost just about everything we have lost just about everything…….
    i think they just do not care they do not take the time to look into your illness heck my bf even had dr come and speak at the hearing i just get so pissed off hearing your story….again i am so sorry to hear this….when you are ready you will read the letter and you can always try again but like you we just didnt have the money out of our own pocket to pay and when he gets so sick he wont go to the hospital since we do not have the money to pay the bill so no documentations and that can hurt a case too…so he suffers at home and still not able to work ….
    i wish you the best of luck and hang in there…
    suzy q

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  2. Just as it has been usual for social security disability claimants to need a lawyer to win their appeals (most of the time) sounds like you could have used a lawyer for this. It doesn’t seem right that you only have the opportunity to appeal once. And YES they have made it impossible for you. Wonder if you would go through the governor or someone?

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    • You must go through all the administrative procedures, including appeals, before you can take your case to court. And it doesn’t really matter how many appeals are available, because Unum is the only one who makes decisions on the appeals. Is this corporation going to decide in favor of the disabled, who they’re paying out claims to and who usually can’t fight back, or for itself?

      The Governor? Sorry, but that’s hilarious. It’s state governments, including governors and their appointed Attorneys General, who helped to make these laws.


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