How are pain patients doing in Houston, TX?

Robert Reece
Today at 7:23pm
I live in Houston Texas. Once considered the pain pill capital of America. I was happy at first when the word got out that the DEA was waging war on people Doctor shopping and coming from other states to obtain pain medication. However the result has been anything but helpful. The drug that helped me the mist has literally disappeared. I do not want to take oxycotin so i suffer through with a drug that does not take care of my pain. I.have to work hard to not take more than my prescribed dosage so I don’t run out and worst of all the Doctors now take full advantage of me increasing their office visits to $200 per month not including my prescriptions which I have to go to a mom and pop shop to fill because all of the regular pharmacies are terrified of the DEA. I am so tired of being in pain. Trying to get my medications and being treated like a junkie when I know so many people who get totally trashed on alcohol everyday but are treated better than me.

When I lived in Houston and saw Dr. Hochman, he charged $250 for every appointment, eventually opting out of Medicare so I wasn’t able to receive any¬†reimbursement. And he charged extra if he had to fill out insurance forms or write a letter on my behalf.

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