Do you need a mental health referral? Good luck.

“Dr. (name) isn’t accepting new patients.” …

No, they just decided to keep receiving and ignoring the referrals…

The other thing that really upsets me about this interaction was the “patient coordinator’s” attitude. This is someone who has a job of dealing with the mentally ill. As debilitating as my flash-backs, panic attacks, anxiety, and emotional outbursts out of nowhere can be…I am actually on the luckier side of those suffering. I don’t want to self-harm, and I don’t get realistically violent. The same can’t be said for everyone, and they aren’t in control of it. And this bitch, this snotty bitch is talking to sick people and treating them that way? …

But wait, there’s more!!!

I go onto my insurance plan’s website to look for area in-network psychiatrists and there is a good size list (I think it was 26). Each one with the little green check mark beside “Accepting New Patients”. Okay, easy, I thought. Then I start calling…

2 thoughts on “Do you need a mental health referral? Good luck.

  1. ya, and not only do you finally get through all that and get a doctor, but then he’s and a-hole too, and you have to start all over again to see if the next doc is decent and knew his stuff adequately.

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