Medicaid is coming for your pain doctor

Occupy Human Rights, on May 14, 2015 at 4:11 am said:

The motivation for this concern is totally because of the also minuscule amounts of fraud and waste in federally funded programs. If they’d like to stop fraud and waste I suggest they start with Wall Street and Congress and not poor folks in pain of whom the vast majority wouldn’t want to run out of meds. I was prescribed Oxy for 6-7 years on Mefixaids dime and when the state and federal govt decided they could no longer afford to pay for brand name narcs for poor folks, that’s when they started scrutinizing our doctors and us, supposedly for our and the public good when it’s all $ motivated…

Some days are better than most but if they would pay for the meds they once did (or hey at least not blackball me with patient assistance, eh?) the last 4 years of my life wouldn’t have been spent primarily in my bed using my PC to distract me from my mismanaged pain which my current doc initially agreed wholeheartedly with me, that it was discrimination and that if you have private insurance or the ability to self-pay that you have no problem with ANY yet, strangely, ever since I filed an appeal with Medicaid to try and get the right meds paid for and was denied, my doc has come under scrutiny…

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