The above link is the letter I sent to Medicare/CMS and the Social Security Administration.  I checked my mail yesterday and found this undated postcard (see photo) with the following boxes checked:

CMS does not have jurisdiction over this matter.  We have referred your correspondence to the appropriate office.  For additional questions, please contact:

Social Security
4433 Jager Drive NE
Rio Rancho, NM 87144
Telephone: 1-800-772-1213

Referring my correspondence from March to the “appropriate office” tells me nothing and doesn’t provide any help or assistance.  Is the Social Security office in Rio Rancho required to respond to my correspondence from 3 months ago?  Are there any rules that say it has to respond at all?

I tried to contact you by telephone, but was unsuccessful.  If you still need assistance with a Medicare specific issue, please contact me at:  410-786-0525, Liza Dawkins

I wonder how many people on Medicare don’t have a phone, like me?  Seriously, trying to communicate with Medicare and Social Security is like trying to talk to a ghost.  Perhaps what I really need is a Ouija board.

If I still need assistance? Tell me, Medicare and Social Security, what do you know about intractable pain, the war against pain patients, medical cannabis refugees, poverty, suicidal ideation, and Unum? Can you assist me with any of those problems?

And can the Social Security office in Rio Rancho add TMJ to the federal Listing of Impairments? Does this office have the authority to change my Form SSA-831?  Can it pre-approve a visit to the doctor to certify me for the Medical Cannabis Program?  Does it have access to a pain specialist who can review my file?  Does it have the authority to request and pay for a Functional Capacity Examination?  Can the Rio Rancho office tell me if Medicare covers the medical services required under New Mexico’s right-to-die law?

To Medicare and Social Security:  How many people have died waiting for a response from your agencies?

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