A photo released to the public this week shows two former Chicago police officers holding guns and posing with a black suspect who is lying on the floor wearing antlers. One of the officers was fired after the image surfaced, and is currently appealing his dismissal from the force…

The photo was first turned over to the CPD in late January 2013 and immediately triggered an investigation, the department told The Huffington Post. The investigation resulted in the police board voting 5-4 last year to fire McDermott, who is currently appealing his dismissal in court and expects a decision from a judge next month…

By the time the department received the photo, Finnigan had already been fired: In 2011, he was sentenced to 12 years in prison for leading a team of cops in robberies and home invasions…

8 thoughts on “Absolutely disgusting

  1. I saw this yesterday and the only thing that came to mind is that it is time the police start admitting and stop pretending there are not way too many sociopaths in their ranks. Their defense that it is a small minority of police (which may be true) is starting to sound tired when more and more examples of the culture of brutality are brought to light. They need to police themselves, if they want to effectively police the rest of us,

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