After my first back surgery and many tries to return to work which were unsuccessful. I decided to apply for CCP disability pension. After visiting my specialist and completing the many medical tortures. I received copy a letter from the pension board that my specialist sent them concerning my disability – who I might add was the doctor who told me I could never work again (hairdressing was my profession). He wrote the pension board that in the foreseeable future I might be able to go back to work a couple of hours a week and that I showed no facial signs of pain. What the heck was that statement all about? So with that information my application was denied…

5 thoughts on “Life with CHRONIC PAIN

  1. That’s so sad. I’m not sure what this doctor was smoking or thinking. It’s hard to believe that he was in his right state of mind. If I were you, I would go back and question the letter, and ask him to write another one. Don’t give up. At least trying one more time will leave you rest assured that you did your best.

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