The results are in


Do you ever wonder how much of your downloading allowance is spent on these updates?

Turns out, not as much as I thought.  For the past 30 days, I calculated 272.12MB of downloading for updates in Windows 8.1.  I have a 14GB plan from those rip-off artists, Verizon, which costs me $80 per month.  So that’s about 2% of my limit.  However…

When I was 0.840GB over my monthly limit, it was an extra $15. When I was 4.138GB over my limit, it cost me $75 extra.  So that 2% can easily push me over my monthly digital allowance. When I was under my limit, do I get a credit?  Hell no.

And Verizon also charges me $20 per month for “Jetpack/Usb Line Access,” along with various city and state fees/taxes.

Additionally, for this 30-day period, I had to reset my network wireless adapter a total of 120 times, for an average of 4 times for each update.

I shouldn’t need to tell you that in the U.S., we pay more for internet service than in any other country.  Not only that, we have the slowest speeds.  And it sucks big time.  I believe the term for this is:  monopoly (or duopoly).

My head hurts from all this calculating, frustration, and anger.  Good thing I picked up some ranch dressing today from Pelican’s Restaurant.  Now, if I could just figure out how to set up an IV, I’m all good. 😀

11 thoughts on “The results are in

  1. i was spending alot too and couldn’t see where it was going. i dropped cable and no dish either. i got netflix for $10/mo. I got internet from CenturyLink for $52/mo and unlimited phone and text from Cricket for $25/no, totals $85/mo versus what i was paying cox cable for all three @ $227/mo. also, no limits on anything on any of these services. so, worth looking into maybe?

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    • I didn’t realize there were still plans that offered unlimited services. And you get that from Century Link for $52 a month? That’s amazing. Do you have trouble with watching movies on Netflix? Do movies stream without interruption?

      Since I don’t have a patio attached to my apartment, I’m unable to try satellite, which I’ve heard is cheaper. I’m currently looking into Century Link, but when I look at the networks being used under my computer’s settings, those that have a name which includes Century Link only have 2 to 3 bars, while my Verizon has all 5. But my Verizon network always has 5 bars, no matter how slow or fast the connection is, so I don’t know if that makes a difference or not.

      I have 4G LTE, and I’ve read that I need a broadband connection to get faster service. I don’t have cable either, so I’m wondering how much it costs to hook this up. I’ve looked up reviews for Comcast and Century Link in my area, and none of them are good. In fact, they’re all pretty scary. But those are my only other options, so I’ll probably try Century Link. I don’t have or use a cell phone, so I don’t have to worry about that.

      I had AT&T U-verse in Houston and I really liked the service, not that I want or need cable TV now. But whenever something went wrong, AT&T always provided good customer service. Is it like that with Century Link?

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      • first, for tv shows/movies-neftlix streaming. ($9/mo)
        second, for internet, ask each carrier (cable and satellite) what is the cost for their intermediate speed. we game online alot and stream shows as well, the intermediate range of internet is plenty fast enough and stable enough. buy the internet without any other products. Century LInk is always doing different promotions (even if not advertised). They had the best price on internet for me at the time i ordered it. ($52/mo)
        Third, for your phone, do not get it thru a big name company or thru your caable/satellite companies. Cricket has great plans, pay $25 for a month of unlimited, no contract, anywhere in the US, canada and Mexico, any time of day, as long as you want, service. if you don’t want it one month, just don’t pay. if you want it again, pay again. also unlimited texts.

        *i don’t use my phone for internet.
        *Netflix can be used on phone with internet or home on pc or via a wii.

        so, if you wanted your internet to extend to your phone and your home pc, then my solution would not work.

        but, what i have is cheap, reliable, and stable. i never have phone issues with cricket. i rarely have internet issues with CenturyLink (it is DSL), sometimes it has a few hours where its off/on, but it settles back down after a bit. i don’t find it too annoying. and for netflix, i only have trouble if centurylink is having trouble, and that is rare. They all have good customer service, except not the call in center for Cricket. if you have a cricket phone issues, go to a retail outlet as they are more friendly. and there are no contracts. no hidden costs or fees or anything with these.

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