I love chicken.  But now, because of John Oliver’s reporting, I can’t eat it anymore. And that really pisses me off. If your state representative is on this committee (none from New Mexico), please take a moment to communicate your dissatisfaction with them by using this hashtag. Gracias.

8 thoughts on “#ChickenFuckers

  1. After working in a chicken factory we didn’t eat chicken for many, many years and my family wondered when we would again. I said when you cook it yourself. I couldn’t stand to touch it, let alone cook it and eat it.

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  2. i never watch video posts, but i made an exception here, and i’m glad to say it was worth it. 🙂 the chicken companies so callously inhumane, and not just about the chickens. they treat their producers as badly as slaves. someone (government?) should really do something ….oh, wait, right, if it makes money, then the government doesn’t care.

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