There are many beautiful places on Earth, but none so peaceful as that which houses the Color Guard. This group is responsible for every color in the rainbow and has been since time began. The Color Guard started out small, rather exclusive really, but now includes a palette of colors that cannot be found anywhere else — like the biggest box of crayons ever created.

The Color Guard takes their duties very seriously and are rather particular when it comes to allowing new members into their circle. And a circle of colors it is, with each member in charge of their own specific shade of color, from baby blue to lemon yellow. But to be accepted into this group, you have to die first.

See, the Color Guard only invites new souls to join their group — those who have not been beaten down by life, as the perception of color for old souls is clouded by the lives they’ve lived before. To keep each shade of color unspoiled and true, the group seeks out the souls of infants and children who have crossed over. It is indeed only extremely special souls who are considered potential candidates for the Color Guard.

This is a story about one such unique soul — his name is Ryker.

Christina joined the Color Guard at the tender human age of 10 months. There really was never a question of her becoming a member, as her soul shone so bright as to almost eclipse all the other colors of the rainbow. But Christina knew that for rainbows to be truly unique, they required all kinds of colors, including shades of black, brown, gray, and white. And so when Christina looked at Ryker as a potential member — whose soul did not shine as brightly as everyone else’s — many guards did not agree with his potential candidacy. They did not see what Christina saw.

Ryker was a brand-new soul at the time, having crossed over before he even drew his first breath. His soul was tied to that of his mother’s in a very strong bond that kept his color somewhere in the range of dark brown, but Christina could see little splashes of baby brown and burnt sienna. In fact, Ryker’s soul was a color that Christina had never really seen before, and she believed he would bring more diversity to the Color Guard. Ryker was special — Christina could see that, but she needed the other members of the Color Guard to see it too.

Christina knew that for Ryker’s true colors to be revealed to all members of the group, she would need to break the Earthly bond between him and his mother. So she took it upon herself to make the attempt to do so.

First, she created and sent a beautiful rainbow to his mother. Look, she tried to say, can you see the beauty that still exists, even without your son? But that didn’t work, so she sent more colorful messages — the dark green in a leaf, the velvety red in a rose petal, the violet in the clouds during sunrise. And still, the bond could not be broken.

It was the light shining brightly on a mountain through the rain clouds that finally brought success, allowing Ryker’s soul to break free from its Earthly bonds and his mother to look into the future instead of being tied to the past. It was when these bonds were broken that the color of Ryker’s soul was finally allowed to shine and then revealed to the other members of the Color Guard, which of course invited him to join their extraordinary group.

And although you can’t see the colors of baby brown and burnt sienna in the rainbows that shine over the Earth, I can assure you that Ryker’s colors are a part of every rainbow. You can also look for him in the color of sturdy tree trunks and branches, and in the leaves that change color in the fall and float in the wind. But my favorite place to find a piece of Ryker is in the dark brown color of cocoa beans that end up as my favorite chocolate from Russell Stover.

(Photo taken yesterday.)

10 thoughts on “The Color Guard

  1. Thank you, you made me cry. This was beautifully written, and I am at a loss of words, which does not happen often. You really are a special kind of person.
    Dneika X

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  2. Reblogged this on Grieving Is Healing and commented:
    I know I do not normally reblog, however this is different, All Things Chronic has managed to write a beautiful post about Ryker, and now I am in tears. Happy Tears, this is just too beautiful.

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