I refuse to just exist, I want to live!


Jerry loyd
Jan. 07, 2015

I have congenital spinal stenosis,sciatica and severe arthritis in my back ankles knees and hips. I take gabapenten Mobic and until 6 months ago norco. Now I have no norco. Why? Because I tried some marijuana last April after a day when I spent 10 hours in a car. The pain was unbearable and the weed helped. I’m 57 years old and haven’t played with marijuana since my teens, but when I tested positive the doctor said that she could no longer prescribe my meds per the federal government mandate. Why is the federal government involved in my healthcare? Because the evil weed though legal for med marijuana patients in my state( and yes I did have a Drs rx, though I hadn’t used it yet)is a schedule 1 drug the same as heroin. So here I am with the same physical problems as before and now unable to work because of the chronic pain that I can no longer get adequate relief for.ive already been approved for disability. So thanks to our 1930s era drug policies I’m now a drain on the system. We should all be voicing our opinions on this outdated policy to our elected officials. I know I’m not the only one to fall into this idiotic loophole.

Jan. 09, 2015

New York, chronic pain, whole back thing. Yesterday after 8 years of giving me my meds for pain. I was cut off. His reason, I did not op on you. No the doc that did twice left the office. This doc took over. 8 years your done, what about withdrawals and pain. Been just a great 24 x hours. Never took anything else or too much. Do not really know what to do, I wll not beg! But I will grow some great weed, that eaten really helps. Sad government, has made me enemy number one instead of terrorists.

Jan. 23, 2015

I haven’t seen anyone bring up the statistics of how many people were dropped from their pain management due to a bogus urinalysis. Not only is it embarrassing but there is very little you can do to dispute it. Medical records are permanently tarnished, and the likelihood of finding another pain doctor for treatment is difficult. It seems to me that long term chronic pain patients who are unwilling to undergo surgery are no longer wanted by doctors when they can make so much more money doing surgeries. One way or another they will find a way to get rid of you even if you did nothing wrong.

Mar. 22, 2015

How many chronic pain patient have died because they were medically mistreated because they take pain medicine. I almost died because of the prejudice. They thought I was overdosing on my pain medicine, put me on the drug addict floor when it was sepsis from an undiagnosed UTI that became pyelonephritis (kidney infection). By the time I got to my family doctor’s care, I was semi-comatose…

Apr. 02, 2015

I suffer from chronic pain am in my early 30’s – I have 5 screws in my ankle, recent knee surgery and severe back pain. I am also depressed and the same doctor who prescribed my pain meds put me on Zoloft. I recently had to do a urine test. Well it came up positive from some benzo drug that I am not even taking. After a few minutes of online searching I find that Zoloft can show up as positive for the benzo things. So guess what the doctor that prescribed me these meds has now dropped me as a patient. What am I to do now. Any suggestions

Apr. 26, 2015

I’ve been disabled for 15 yrs and on opiates, muscle relaxers, anxiety meds. I was cutoff in Dec 14 because no drugs were in my system. I know ppl throwing out those costly contracts and buying street drugs. My Dr. Wanted me to go to a mental health pro also to get my tramadol n zanax!! Someone has to start listening to us , we know our pain level, what works and how much we need. I refuse to just exist, I want to live! Neither the DEA nor my Dr, is going to make me live that way. I don’t need a mental health pro, I need adequate pain control.

3 thoughts on “I refuse to just exist, I want to live!

  1. Reblogged this on My Friday Blog and commented:
    Another way this “war” on drugs hurts everyone! Pay special attention to the person on disability, because even if you are not a pain patient, it is still costing you! Please comment and like original post, not mine.

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  2. So sad, medical industrial complex and big pharma are all about the money and not healing. So much for abiding by hippocratic oath. What choice do we have but to heal ourselves naturally with herbs.


    • I believe the poppy is an herb, and of course cannabis is considered an herb. But since many of our medicines come from plants, I think there’s a fine line between “natural” herbs and medicine. I think the most important thing is for patients to be informed — then we can all make our own decisions and not allow doctors to make them for us.


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