Director speaks out on pain clinic’s future after DEA, FBI raid

BEAVER, W.Va. (WVVA) – The director of the Hope Pain Clinic weighs in on the building’s future following an DEA, FBI raid.

Mark Radcliff said the clinic has extensive procedures when it comes to screening patients and is cooperating fully with investigators. “It was a surprise, but we cooperated fully and I believe very professionally. There were no charges filed. The special agent in charge was very professional. He told us we could reopen as soon as they finished the search warrant,” said Radcliff.

Radcliffe said patients have to go through background checks just to be seen by a doctor at the Hope Clinic. “Some of the technology we’ve developed are the biometrics. We fingerprint all of our patients. If you think about it, if you go to Disney World and go through the main gates, they’re going to fingerprint you to stop people from defrauding Disney World. We believe if patients are going to gain access to schedule 2 narcotics, they should be willing to cooperate with us and get fingerprints.

Radcliffe said it is standard procedure at the Hope Clinic to take patients’ pictures, scan their driver’s license, and record their history. “We track our patients. We track our good patients and the ones we catch doing bad things. When we do catch patients mis-selling, we turn them over for prosecution.

Radcliffe said another less extensive search warrant was executed last week at their location in Wytheville, Virginia…

The Hope Pain Clinic is one of three chronic pain management offices shutdown earlier this month by the WV Dept. of Health for not complying with a state law created to reduce substance abuse. Its branch in Charleston, WV was also forced to close along with Med-Surg Group in Beckley…

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