Physical vs. mental pain


EDS is one of my disorders. That’s why my knees dislocate, my thumb… and also my shoulder… and jaw have, as well… among many other things. EDS is a body-wide affliction. It affects the ‘glue that holds the body together,’ I have read. anyway, just wanted to share this, as so many people suffer from invisible health conditions. just want you all to know that even those of us with obvious hardships can also be suffering from many, many things that you will never see. EDS is real. it can be very painful, and it can be life threatening.


Little known fact, that the ‘War on Drugs,’ does not want you to know:

“Those who seek narcotics, without a medical need, seek to make themselves feel high or ‘ABNORMAL.’ While those in intractable pain seek narcotics (pain medication) in order to feel more ‘NORMAL.’

It is very simple, really. Those not in pain, seek narcotics to flood their brains with an overabundance of an endorphin substitute (the narcotic). This overabundance is what causes the user to feel abnormal, or stoned.

Those in chronic pain suffer a deficit of enough natural endorphins to hold back their pain. When taken correctly, pain medication (narcotics) works as a substitute for the body’s inability to produce enough of its own endorphins to curb pain. The proper dosage is not enough to ever make the patient ‘high.’ This is why pain medication does not take all of the pain away… but it takes the edge off, enabling the person to still function.

Using narcotics to treat severe chronic pain is similar to a person with diabetes using insulin to treat their condition. Or, someone with Addison’s disease using a steroid to replace normal Cortisol, which those with Addison’s cannot make themselves.

The travesty is that so many people are fighting to end the only treatment that will work for some of those in horrible pain. And they do not even understand how pain medication is used… or how it works. But mostly, they do not know that it does NOT make the person in chronic pain get high. Those same people would damn all pain sufferers to a life that those doing the judging would NEVER want to live! “– Nemia Rucker

I think chronic pain patients don’t understand that people who use drugs to get “high” are also usually in some kind of pain — it’s just a different kind of pain.  For instance, a rape victim who suffers from PTSD will use that “high” to forget about the rape.  Someone who suffered from child abuse may use that “high” as an adult to forget about past traumas.  A person who is suicidal may use that “high” to move past that feeling.

Those who suffer from mental illnesses also lack endorphins and the ability to feel “normal.”  We know a lot more about physical pain than we do about mental pain, but that doesn’t make mental pain any less significant or important than physical pain.

Everyone who suffers from some kind of pain should stop judging others’ pain, just like chronic pain patients don’t want to be judged for using opioids.

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