10 thoughts on “Consensus on Coffee’s Benefits

  1. I was over there and was shocked to find out you don’t like coffee? Oh, I am a big coffee freak. My parents let us kids me and my 3 younger brothers drink coffee.

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    • It comes in bottles and cans, but the cans keep the soda fresher. Well, I say it’s soda because it’s bubbly, but it’s really just syrup. Like the kind they put on a snow cone. Anyway, I drink more water than soda.

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  2. Syrup! Water. I don’t drink enough of it. Somedays I have to force myself to drink water.
    The question I asked about Dr. Pepper?
    The answer is
    Because his wife died.

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  3. God! I just told pd that I think I sprained my face from smiling so hard and here I go again smiling so hard at your comment!
    Let me repeat.
    Why does Dr. Pepper come in a bottle? Because his wife died.

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