Atheist mom gets death threats over school Bible complaints

An Oklahoma woman said she plans to move after receiving threats from other parents because her complaints ended a public school Bible giveaway.

The woman contacted the American Humanist Association last month after her son told her his third-grade teacher surprised students at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School by handing out the Bible in class, reported the Friendly Atheist blog.

The boy said teacher Erica Mackey placed the Bibles on her desk, and he felt pressured to walk up and take one after most of his classmates did.

His mother, identified only as Lea, contacted the atheist organization’s legal representatives, who notified Duncan Public Schools that the passive distribution violated the separation of church and state.

A Satanic Temple chapter asked permission to distribute materials, and the school district said it would end Bible handouts for elementary students.

Lea told the Atheist Analysis blog that her children had faced bullying over their agnostic views since moving to Duncan six years ago. Her eldest daughter, who was a high school junior when she started school there, was called “a devil worshipping lesbian transvestite whore” because she did not believe in God, Lea said. Her middle son eventually transferred to an out-of-district school due to bullying over her nonreligious views.

But she said the bullying had increased in intensity after she complained about the Bible distribution, so she has decided to place her house on the market and move away.

“I began to fear for mine and my son’s safety when I read ‘run her out of town’ and ‘snitches end up in ditches,’” Lea said. “I have the comments in an email, but I’d have to go through hundreds of comments to find them. I feared for my son when the parents all had their kids carry their Bibles to school one day, to prove a point.” …

10 thoughts on “Atheist mom gets death threats over school Bible complaints

  1. It is so hard to know what to say to this. I think society has gone way downhill and it seems no coincidence that it got worse when prayer and the Bible were taken out of school. At the same time these strongarm tactics – threats, shaming, etc. is wrong wrong wrong. Scaring someone so bad that they have to move is absolutely wrong! Scaring a little boy by everyone bringing your Bibles? That is wacked. Love your neighbor means to love each other where they are at – whether you are Christian or not. I just don’t understand how things can get this bad. 😦

    Ok All things Chronic – protect me lol


    • I guess I don’t see a line in history where it shows our society has gone downhill, especially in my lifetime, since my schooling didn’t include prayer and the bible. And there are still plenty of schools, including universities, that are based on religious studies. In fact, I would say there are more of them than in recent history, especially with the popularity of home-schooling. So if our society has indeed gone downhill, maybe we should blame Christian colleges?

      Older generations always complain that society has gone downhill, but I don’t see it. Sure, I see that poverty has increased and social services have been decimated, which can cause a whole lot of social problems. But people are people, just like they’ve always been.

      And I don’t know about the idea that I should love all of my neighbors, especially those who spew hatred, commit child abuse, or commit murder. I’m not saying that I should hate anyone either, and I try to find something to like in just about everyone — but love is different. Love is special, reserved for those who have earned it.


      • I’m sorry, my comment was rather flippant, but I was thinking of school shootings, the divorce rate, the increase in fatherless children, more immorality, rampant drug and alcohol addiction, stuff like that. I consider myself a fairly new Christian (2000) but I grew up Catholic. Obviously “religion” is not a cure for anything as anyone observing the Catholic faith can attest. But true morality, true love of God, can lead to a lot more stability than there is now. Now foisting it on people after 50+ years is obviously not going to work, or help. What happened to that woman who had to leave town was unconscionable. But yes I stand by what I said; the world was a nicer place when we had prayer, and the Bible, and I’ll throw in the Pledge of Allegiance (because now the American flag is fast becoming “objectionable” and “offensive.”)


        • There are more school shootings because there are more guns easily accessible to just about everyone, and less access to mental health services. The divorce rate has increased because women have refused to remain in abusive marriages. Drug and alcohol addiction rates have increased because the psychiatric industry has changed the meaning of addiction and lowered the bar for who is considered to suffer from it.

          I find more morality in the atheist community than I do in any religious community. And loving a god has nothing to do with morality. In fact, forcing people to pray and believe in a god is cruel and mean, and leads societies to tragedies like the Crusades.

          The world is not as small as it used to be, so of course there are more people who are mean. But there are also more people who are nice. There are 7 billion people in the world — you cannot expect all of them to believe in a god. And in my opinion, loving a god is like loving a phantom or a ghost.

          Because you are very religious, you look to and rely on religion for a lot of things, and blame a lot of bad things on a lack of it. But your opinions are narrowly focused on this one issue, which tends to make them more black and white, when people come in all shades of gray.

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        • Frankly I think it is because of all the pot smoking…

          ha ha gotcha.

          Seriously, I am not going to go back and forth about it, that’s not why I am here. it’s strictly an opinion and you have yours. It’s fine. I’m not going to push a thing on you other than in my occasional blogs, and you are welcome to comment.

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