7 thoughts on “Can We Guess Your Level Of Education?

      • WHAAAAT? You feeling less? Well. How do you think I feel being surrounded by smart people like you and pd? Hells bells! I am in awe of both of you, you know? What the hell do you and pd see in me? I am so not intelligent at all!

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        • I think we’ve already been over this… Your IQ is just a number and doesn’t say much about your intelligence level. And it’s impossible for funny people to be dumb.

          What do we see in you? You tickle our funny bones. 😀 And you’re a firecracker!


  1. Hello Master!! – You are incredibly smart and knowledgeable. You read and think actively, ask the big questions, and cultivate empathy for others. You set goals and make them happen, and always find a way to contribute. No wonder you’ve become a MASTER. Good Luck!!

    I am amazed I did that well. Brain is mush most of the time. 🙂

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