All 50 States Ranked By The Cost Of Weed (Hint: Oregon Wins)

The map says the cost for an ounce in New Mexico is $286, “according to, a site where users can anonymously submit the cost of weed in their area purchased either from the black market or legally through a dispensary.”

I’d say that was closer to the underground market price.  For instance, New MexiCann’s price is $320 an ounce, and at Medzen, it’s $364.

5 thoughts on “All 50 States Ranked By The Cost Of Weed (Hint: Oregon Wins)

    • One of the problems I had with edibles is that it’s hard to cover up the taste of the weed, although I did try a pumpkin spice brownie that was pretty tasty. But they make all kinds of edibles and extracts, including cheese doodles and lollipops. Some dispensaries also make pills out of the extracts, along with suppositories. (Bend over!) 🙂

      And the difference with edibles is that it takes awhile to work, unlike smoking or vaping, which is immediate. Plus, with smoking/vaping, you have more control over the effect, unlike with edibles.

      Once Medicare starts covering cannabis (or when the leaf is legalized), the price will come down. 😀

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        • Even if it can prevent cancer and Alzheimer’s? 🙂 Many drugs come from plants, so it’s really not that different. And if you’ve never tried it, an ounce would probably last you a long time. Anyway, it’s just one choice that patients should have, and I’m sure many would rather just take a pill — it’s certainly a lot easier and less expensive.

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