NM DOH Awards Medical Cannabis Software Contract to BioTrackTHC


In addition to its medical cannabis seed-to-sale traceability system, BioTrackTHC’s contract-winning proposal includes a web-based registration system for all potential program cardholders (qualified patients, primary caregivers, licensed non profit producers, etc.) and a proprietary smartcard system designed to identify expired and counterfeited patient cards, as well as to prevent the over-dispensing of medical cannabis to any patient or caregiver…

BioTrackTHC’s marijuana seed-to-sale Traceability System for government agencies is currently utilized by the state of Washington, and its marijuana seed-to-sale Enterprise System for businesses is currently utilized in over 1,000 medical cannabis and recreational cannabis facilities across 18 states, Washington D.C., Canada, and South America. These technologies enable government agencies and businesses to track every plant and every gram of cannabis throughout the entire production lifecycle—cultivation, harvest and cure, quality assurance testing, transportation, destruction, and sale—bringing transparency, accountability, and meaningful insights to cannabis operations…

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