Medical Cannabis Program Statistics as of 4/30/2015

Medical Cannabis Survey 2013

The survey was conducted in August and September of 2013.

Qualifying Conditions Count – Currently Active in the MCP

Total:  9,760

PTSD:  4,133 (42.52%)

Chronic Pain:  2,807 (28.88%)

Medical Cannabis Program Statistics as of 3/4/2015

Active Patients as of 3/4/2015:  13,310 (This is about 0.6% of the population.)
Active PPL:  3,506 (Less than 30% of patients have a license to grow their own.)

PTSD:  5,966 (45%)

Chronic pain:  3,498 (26%)

Medical Cannabis Program Statistics as of 4/30/2015

Active Patients:  14,099

Active PPL:  3,625 (26%)

PTSD:  6,385 (45%)

Chronic Pain:  3,688 (26%)

Difference between 2013 and 2015:

2,252 new PTSD patients

881 new chronic pain patients

Difference between 3/4/2015 and 4/30/2015 reports:

419 new PTSD patients

190 new chronic pain patients

Looking at these numbers, I’d have to guess that PTSD patients are finding it easier to be approved in the program, while chronic pain patients are having a lot more difficulty. And considering that in others states, there are more chronic pain patients in the medical cannabis programs than any others, I find these New Mexico statistics to be a little odd.

One thought on “Medical Cannabis Program Statistics as of 4/30/2015

  1. when it comes to statistics and studies, it really depends on who is paying, and on who is executing the studies, and what methods are used. numbers can be used to say anything, and without knowing the above, one has no way of knowing what numbers they are using and how they are ‘interpreting’ them. unfortunately, one must be wary and take with a grain of salt any studies they see, unless from a verifiable and reliable source that states how they did their study.

    this number could be right, or it could be manipulated to appear a certain way.

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