FDA Approves Senza SCS System for Chronic Intractable Trunk/Limb Pain


“The FDA has approved several other totally implanted spinal cord stimulators for pain reduction, but this system is unique because it delivers a high frequency output of 10 kHz that does not cause a tingling sensation—called ‘paresthesia’—in patients,” said William Maisel, MD, MPH, acting director of the Office of Device Evaluation at FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, in a press release. “Since some patients don’t like the paresthesia associated with traditional SCS, this device offers another treatment option.” …

4 thoughts on “FDA Approves Senza SCS System for Chronic Intractable Trunk/Limb Pain

  1. Thanks! I will check this out. I’m scheduled with a company called medtronics and yes it is one that has the vibrating feeling. You can change the frequency but you can’t get it completely t of the legs. My pain is upper thoracic and neck They didn’t put the temporary one high enough so it was hard to tell the benefit except knowing they can go higher. My Dr said I really had no other options except for putting medicine in my spine which he didn’t recommend. It could have unwanted consequences. I wonder if this is it? Ill check it out because i see him again next week. Thanks again!

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