Depression and Bud

I cannot describe how hard it has been not to sink into depression since I haven’t had access to medical cannabis.  Like a sinkhole, constant pain (without any kind of relief) sucks you deeper and deeper into the darkness.  Bud was like a shining light, encouraging and allowing me to be physically active, find the humor in life, a reason to sleep, a reason to wake… Like a lifeline…

“When the media ask George W. Bush a question, he answers, ‘Can I use a lifeline?'”  Robin Williams

10 thoughts on “Depression and Bud

  1. in AZ it is very limited the reasons you can qualify to obtain medical mj. mostly acute pain, terminal status, not able to maintain weight (it makes you have an appetite). you have to have your doc sign a referral to a cannibus doc (who are like specialists). the cannibus doc does an eval, if you pass the eval and interview, you get an id card. if you get the id card, the cannibus doc gives you an rx. if you got that, then you go to one of the legal ‘headshops’ to purchase. also, they are like pot bars, so you could sit and smoke as much as you want from any kind of bowl, pipe, hookah, etc. and you get to bring one guest at some of them.

    however, the catch is, it is still illegal to be driving with ANY cannibus in your system. so, if you smoke one bowl, you will be ‘illegal’ for driving for a month or so. so if you get stopped for any reason and they ask for blood and/or urine (which you are legally not allowed to refuse in AZ), you will get busted.

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    • It’s funny, but cannabis didn’t give me the munchies, it actually had the opposite effect. It was a lot easier to stop eating, say, a plate full of brownies when I was smoking pot.

      So, about how much did it cost to become part of Arizona’s program? It was about $300 here in New Mexico to be certified for chronic pain, and you have to get certified every year. In addition, there’s a rumor that you need to have updated MRIs, x-rays or other tests if yours are over 5 years old (which mine are). I’ve written to Medicare to see if it would cover a doctor visit for certification, but surprise, surprise, I haven’t heard back from them.

      Here in New Mexico, it’s also illegal for a driver to refuse a drug test. Unfortunately, drug tests are often wrong.

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  2. PS–i forgot i had more to say…duh. i would like to use medical mj for anxiety, ptsd, mania, psychosis (during severe mania or depression), depression, but im afraid to go thru the process (above) and get labeled AND not get it. plus, you have to pay at each stage–

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    • I don’t understand your fear… If you’ve already been diagnosed with these conditions, how would it make a difference if you were certified for cannabis instead of the doctor writing a prescription? What would you be labeled for?

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      • sorry, i probably thought things and didn’t type them in. you have to get your rx from a pot doc, fill it at a pot bar, after you get eval’d and get your id card. im just afraid they will deny me, then i won’t be able to get it and it will be in my chart for any future docs (thinking they might see it as ‘drug seeking behaviour’…) and don’t want that label. so im scared to try getting approved. of course, im scared of my shadow… so, ya.

        thanks for all the info!

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  3. I feared being “on the list” for years. Now I feel safe. But in WA it’s all very legal. Our medical dispensaries are small stores with more then you can imagine. It’s coming. Keep voting. We need the Rx to be recognized nation wide. Every time I fly down south I risk a felony for my prescribed meds.

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