Abuse Against Mentally Ill Prisoners Is Widespread


Anthony McManus weighed 75 pounds when he died. In 1997, the mentally ill 38-year-old publicly exposed himself and was put in a Michigan prison with no psychiatric facility, where his condition deteriorated rapidly. He would frequently talk about the devil, and spread urine and feces around his cell. According to a lawsuit, prison staff would restrict his access to food and water in a cruel attempt to control his behavior. As a result, he died—partially from emaciation—in 2005…

Sadly, he wasn’t the only inmate in America to suffer such egregious abuse. A Human Rights Watch report released this morning gives multiple examples of corrections officials in the United States using violence to punish bipolar and schizophrenic prisoners for exhibiting behaviors of their mental illness. This tactic violates both the US Constitution and international human rights laws, the report says…

In contrast, it’s clear that no one at the Michigan prison that McManus died in had any aspirations about rehabilitating him. “Even the layman across the hall, an obvious layperson… could tell that McManus was suffering,” an official said in a deposition. “You could see that his eyes was turning yellow. His cheeks were sunken in, the skin on his frame was just hanging off his bones like clothes on a hanger.” …

4 thoughts on “Abuse Against Mentally Ill Prisoners Is Widespread

  1. this treatment of mentally ill prosoners (or indeed anyone) is inhumane and should be brought to lite and stopped. we do not even allow our pets to be treated like this, how can we allow a fellow human to be treated so?

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