David Cameron is poised to return as U.K. prime minister after steering his Conservatives to an unexpected majority, helped by a landslide for the nationalists in Scotland at Labour’s expense…

One thought on “Sorry, U.K.

  1. I am laughing at the image there, but actually, cringing inside…

    Some of my comments this morning on FB:
    “323 seats to Conservatives – the destruction of the Labour Party via Scotland’s SNP, not to mention the annihilation of the Lib Dems, really didn’t help the matter… it is unfortunate that those who voted for the “other” parties will have basically lost the election to the Conservatives for everyone else – there is obviously a fundamental glitch with this analysis in the first place, and is down to how out of date the British voting system is – despite the fact that those “other” parties really do have some good manifesto’s. Guess that’s politics for you! Sad, so sad…”

    “It is just so painful to see that eejit wet drip Cameron on his stupid bike riding around like he knows how to “get in” with the people when he’s just another pumped up Etonian posh knob who knows nothing about “keeping it real”… f*** it, Ali G would be better than Cameron, any day!”

    “I am so gutted, and disgusted… and I don’t even live in the UK anymore. It is just wholly embarrassing to have that wet drip at the helm again, though admittedly, all of them are wet drips… oh, I shiver in disgust, except for maybe Nicola Sturgeon – but who wants another woman at the helm, let alone a Scotswoman at that, hey?? I shudder to think of the next gen of Tory boys & girls, eugh…. yuk”

    So, yes, I am sorry for the UK too… and the rest of the world for all the future mistakes that Cameron is undoubtedly going to make, the TWUNT! Grrr….

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