DEA stops funding major way to help stop drug diversion/abuse!

Across Colorado, law enforcement agencies are filling up storage rooms with unwanted prescription medications.The glut is the legacy of a Drug Enforcement Agency program that was set up to stem prescription abuse back in 2011, when the White House identified proper medication disposal as one of four major ways to reduce the abuse. But many of Colorado’s law enforcement agencies haven’t disposed of a single pill since Sept. 27, 2014, when federal money went away…

For those permanent take-back locations, there’s only one EPA-approved disposal facility, about 35 miles from Denver, in Bennett to get rid of the drugs…

These take-back programs are supposed to be a big deal, including working with state Attorneys General.  Do they help?  No one really knows.  I mean, how many people return Oxy or Xanax?

So far, the organizations that the state has deemed “permanent” take-back locations have been left to themselves to figure out how to dispose of prescription drugs — or whether to get rid of them at all. Depending on who you ask, you get a different answer…

I wonder how they dispose of prescription medications.  Burn them like marijuana?  Dissolve the pills in acid?  Flush them down the toilet?

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