Another prison to boost New Mexico’s economy?

The Albuquerque native, retired from APD when President Obama appointed him marshal, has a proposal that if it came to fruition could employ hundreds of city residents in good paying federal positions that don’t necessarily require a four year degree. That proposal is to build a federal correctional facility on the outskirts of the metro. Now before you say “not in my backyard” think about it.

Entry level federal correctional officers can earn between $39,000 and $51,000 a year…

This is the only idea so far on how to spark New Mexico’s economy.  This is how low we have sunk — the prison industry is the only one interested in this state.

Instead of another prison, how about a mental health facility?  Oh, there’s more profit in prisons? Should Albuquerque become a prison town, financially dependent on putting people in prison? Why would anyone (but the privileged) want that?

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