Frequent Aspirin Use Tied to Lower Cervical Ca Risk

A comparison of established risk factors for cervical cancer showed that women who developed cervical cancer were more likely to be current smokers, smoke more cigarettes per day, and smoke for more years than women who did not develop cervical cancer. They were also more likely to become pregnant before the age of 21, have more than five children, and report long-term use of oral contraceptives than women who did not develop cervical cancer.

Cases were also more likely than controls to be white, obese, and lack a high school diploma.
The study had some limitations, most notably that patients were enrolled from 1982-1998 and use of aspirin and NSAIDs has increased significantly since then so the results may not apply to current patient populations…

“Moreover, our findings are similar to those of randomized trials,” the authors added. “Based on our findings related to aspirin, coupled with its low cost and wide availability globally, we encourage future research on the role of daily, long-term use of aspirin and acetaminophen as cervical cancer chemopreventive agents and enhancement to standard treatment strategies post-diagnosis.”

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