They’re coming for your benzos…

Americans are anxious. That is the inescapable conclusion of a recent analysis of anti-anxiety drug use (JAMA Psychiatry, Feb. 2015). The study shows that more than 10 percent of women over 60 are taking such medications over a long time. (In men, the proportion is about 6 percent.)

Is 10 percent a lot?  I wonder what the percentage is for antidepressants?

The drugs are known by the almost unpronounceable name “benzodiazepines,” or benzos for short…

Experts in the field of neuropharmacology caution, “Benzodiazepines are drugs that should be used at most for a few days or weeks in selected patients, carefully monitored, and stopped as soon as possible…” (JAMA Psychiatry, Feb., 2015). This warning is especially relevant for older people…

3 thoughts on “They’re coming for your benzos…

  1. I WANT to get off of benzos but that damn psych I have been referred to still hasn’t called to set up an appointment to discuss the gradual, safe taper. (& possible replacement with something better).

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