Killer Pharmacy: Inside a Medical Mass Murder Case

But NECC wasn’t a promising drug supplier—it was a lethal, venomous scourge. This seemingly innocuous pharmacy in a Framingham strip mall was making millions of dollars by cutting corners, fabricating records and ignoring laws designed to keep contaminated drugs off the market. NECC perpetrated what may be one of the most murderous corporate crimes in U.S. history by pumping out deadly medicines that infected more than 800 people with fungal meningitis in 2012, 64 of whom died…

Also, although the entire batch was required by law to be tested for sterility by an independent laboratory, Chin sent only 10 milliliters of drugs in two vials for analysis. On June 5, after the lab found that the first vial tested was sterile, officials at NECC declared the entire lot ready for shipment. In other words, the batch was deemed safe for injection into humans based on the testing of just 0.0004 percent of the total…

This is similar to how cannabis is tested.  They send one or two buds to the lab, but what about the rest of the lot?  And the buds that are sent to the labs are usually the ones from the top of the plant — the ones that will test the strongest — but that doesn’t mean all the buds in the rest of the lot will be the same.  Yet dispensaries are allowed to use these test results for every single label in that lot, when it only applies to the few buds that were tested.

Keep in mind that we’re talking about a plant, and each plant is different, as well as each bud on that plant.  I don’t know how different, but dispensaries shouldn’t be able to advertise and sell buds under these kinds of loose testing protocols.  It’s too expensive to test every bud, so maybe they should just switch to a system that has a range — like, 15% to 17% of THC, instead of just saying it’s got 17%.

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