Unum Unfairly Denies Claim For Lupus (SLE)


Disability insurers have historically had a problem paying Lupus claims because the disease “flares” meaning symptoms worsen and then symptoms improve and insureds feel much better. Although Lupus is regarded as mid to life threatening, in the past Unum discredits disability claims when it can be documented insureds “feel better.” In fact, the saying, “I have good days and bad days” has become a new stereotype for those who are presumed by insurers to be malingerers…

3 thoughts on “Unum Unfairly Denies Claim For Lupus (SLE)

  1. i hate lupus and its flare and all that comes with it..it fucking sucks hog balls………
    my better half has cvs syndrome and it has where you feel better and days where you throw up for 7 days and body cramps and more ….he usually does his best to stay out of the hospital since he lost all his self paid insurance but that is another story…we have lost about everything due to him not being able to work and been turned down for social security disability he has tried more than once even hired a lawyer ….but like the above states he has days or weeks they the people that have this can have almost up to a year of not having a flare….it is just not fair since like lupus you never know when it will strike… lupus comes from the latin word wolf if i remember correctly lol…and never knowing when it is going to strike….
    on his one self paid insurance to be able to claim on it again he has to work at least one day….seems easy enough but he is self employed and owns his own nice big truck and there is no way we can come up with five thousand dollars for one day of work for him….the insurance and fuel and tags alone with tires we just can not do it….ok rant over….
    Also with lupus there is more than one form…and a host of other problems that comes with just having lupus…
    anyways we all know life is not fair and again suck…
    hope you are having a wonderful day/night?….
    i am trying to feel up to blogging today was a better day but you just never know… i know i miss everyone.. i am so trying my best to make it back here…
    huggggggs to you my dear….suzy q ……smile…btw all your pictures are beautiful….i know i enjoy them..thank you..

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    • Miss you too, and it’s always nice to see you, which means you’re feeling a little bit stronger.

      I sure do love my cheap camera. Taking pictures gets me out of this tiny apartment and can distract me from the constant pain. Maybe it’s not better than chocolate or Mexican food, but I really love my photos. 🙂


      • well i really enjoy your photos….yeah i think i am goiong to have to try and train my brain again ….hey what ever works for ya my dear…. taking photos eating chocolate just what works for another person may help another or at least give ideas….thank you so much…

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