No, this does not look like a nice man, but…

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Police say a thief spent two months targeting every Target store in Albuquerque. According to a criminal complaint, William Ainsworth hit five stores over the span of two months, stealing higher end goods typically locked in cabinets.

Police say Ainsworth would walk into stores and use what’s known as an “alpha key” to unlock cabinets protecting fragrances and electronics. In February, he hit the Lomas location and Montgomery location within an hour of each other.

In all, Ainsworth is accused of stealing $9,179 worth of goods including Beats by Dre headphones and speakers, smart watches, digital cameras and fragrances.

As of Saturday afternoon, Ainsworth was behind bars on a $20,000 cash or surety bond.

Online court records show Ainsworth has a lengthy criminal past including a 2007 incident where he later pled guilty to choking and stabbing Rozco the police dog while he was being chased by officers. The dog bit Ainsworth back and ultimately survived.

With all the surveillance, cameras on every corner, it’s hard to believe that someone could get away with this kind of crime.  In fact, he would have to be pretty smart to do so.  And for about, let’s say, six months of work, he got $9,000 worth of merchandise.  He would re-sell that merchandise at a mark-up, let’s say 100%.  He made $18,000 for six months of work, that’s $36,000 annually.

Well, at least he’s not dealing drugs, right?  Just consumerism.  He’ll be sent to prison, again, and that’s another person we’ve given to the prison industry, along with his family and friends, who now have to pay for the privilege of seeing and talking to him.

I don’t know how I would defend myself against an attack dog, but since I don’t carry a knife, I assume that if it had been me and the dog, I’d have lots of leftover scars from the encounter. Heck, I’ve been lucky not to get scarred by friendly dogs:

2 thoughts on “No, this does not look like a nice man, but…

  1. Sorry this may be an old thread — so 2 weekends ago, I’m in Nob HIll at a friend’s house. A motorcycle comes screaming up Coal, the rider loses control and winds up sliding a full block. The bike is trashed. We go to help him out, guess who the rider is. Yep, William Ainsworth. He’s ripped up his knee, skinned his hands, etc. We’ve already called 911 for assistance because he SLID A FULL CITY BLOCK. He tries to fight a witness, then screams at us for calling the ambulance since he’s “Got warrants”. As the sirens approach, he books it on foot through the neighborhood properties. Only to fall over on somebody’s lawn in shock after the adrenaline of his accident wore off. After meeting him and reading this story, I can only hope that he isn’t wearing a helmet next time.


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