That’s right, the honeysuckle are finally in bloom in the Q.  (Hey, that rhymes.)  And so I’m declaring this Honeysuckle Week.  No, none of the photos I post this week will be scratch-n-sniff, but the aliens told me that kind of technology will be here real soon. 🙂

The crabapple trees here in the Q (photos to be posted sometime in the future) are very popular with the bees, but not so with the honeysuckle…

Re: Do bees use honeysuckle?

Doak said:  I have 2 kinds. One blooms early< Jan/Feb, and the other later.
The early is the bushy type with a short more open bloom, This is the one the bees go for.
The other, longer vine type with the longer narrow bloom, the bees can’t get to the nectar because of the configuration of the bloom…

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