In front of Walmart today, there was a group of about 5 people collecting for the Special Olympics.  They were older people, all wearing reflector-type vests — I guess so people wouldn’t run them over.  (And to make them look official.)  I don’t know if these kinds of jobs pay anything, or if they’re just volunteers, but it’s obviously not the best way to spend a Saturday.

I don’t understand why the Special Olympics is trying to collect from Walmart customers.  Don’t they understand how broke everyone is, especially if you’re forced to shop at Chinamart?  (I mean, Walmart.)

And I don’t know those people begging for money — are they really with the Special Olympics? Just because it says so on their cans?  (Which they forced in front of me as I walked by.) How do I know where the money ends up?

And here’s a clue if you’re trying to beg poor people for money:  A smile and friendly voice work much better than a frown and monotone delivery.  (I dunno, maybe the poor guy was constipated.)

Most Walmart customers just ignored them, but at least I responded:  “Not today, thanks.”  I also had to repeat myself as I left the store — like the dude didn’t hear me the first time, 10 minutes ago when I entered.

Back when I was in the Medical Cannabis Program, I was a much nicer person.  Something like this wouldn’t have been enough to compel me to rant about it, taking up internet space… Although I don’t give money to the Salvation Army when they hang around in front of stores during Christmas either, the year I was in the program, I did have an occasion to share chocolate with the poor woman who had to ring that bell all day.  (I miss bud.)

I also don’t like it when those working at the cash register ask me to donate to some cause. I know they have to, but it seems more like a shaming tactic, and it makes me uncomfortable. When the employee asks if I want to donate, my first thought is to say, hey, how can I become one of your company’s causes?  Get strangers to donate money to my cause?  Maybe help me buy two new tires for my car?  Pay for my renewal in the Medical Cannabis Program?  Is there a company form I can fill out to be considered for this honor?

I prefer to give what little I can to the homeless people I run into.  If I give cash, I don’t care what they buy with it — at least I know it’s not going to some corporate charity.

(I miss bud.)

(Photo taken 3/19/2015.)

7 thoughts on “Walmart and Special Olympics

  1. Chinamart! Perfect! What you said about all that forced donation so hitting the nail on the head! You right! Damn, wish I could send my friend bud over to you.

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