It’s humid, my head hurts, and I had to turn on the air conditioner for the first time this year. (Last month’s electric bill was about $40.  Compared to my electric bills in Houston, TX, where I used to live, that’s a bargain.)

The weather is such a tease here in the Q… Lots of threatening clouds and wind, even a little thunder, but no freaking rain.

Somebody’s car alarm just went off — that’s unusual.  In Houston, it happened all the time.  Like every other day.  Sometimes the alarms went off for hours and everybody just ignored it. (Calling the apartment manager after hours to complain was useless.)  I can’t tell you how much quieter it is here in Albuquerque compared to Houston.  The only people up after 10pm are the graffiti “artists,” and they tend to be very quiet.  (Not like my neighbor’s yippy dog.)

Ah, the car alarm has stopped.  Time for a nap.  When my head explodes, I don’t want a mess all over my computer… it’ll be easier to clean off the couch. 🙂

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