I will not tolerate hate


The unveiling of the banner allegedly comes at a time when the debate as to whether same sex couples in the USA should have the same marriage rights as straight people intensifies. However, some residents have hit out at the extreme views fearing that they will incite violence against homosexuals. But, abomination it is, if the pastor is quoting from the scripture which is enough proof that God Almighty considered homosexuality a death-worthy crime – amen!

All Saints save humanity!

My comment:

I try to not hold people’s religious beliefs against them, but in this Pastor’s case, and now in yours, I don’t have any choice. There’s nothing wrong with being gay. Period. End of sentence. And there are very few crimes that are death-worthy, especially when the government is the one doing the murdering.

Who’s going to murder all the gay people in this messed-up belief system?

What happens when atheists outnumber religious people, and then the extremists believe being religious is a death-worthy crime?

Goodbye, Mike Sedona. This post was enough to keep me from ever visiting your blog again. Amen!

9 thoughts on “I will not tolerate hate

  1. I’m with you, painkills. Love is love. If the map and the ground don’t agree, the map is wrong. The bible is the map, and it’s wrong. As if there isn’t enough artificial hatred in the world, without spreading and applauding the murder of anyone who disagrees with any religious document. Middle East, anyone?

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    • The bible is not a map, it’s just a book that was written a very, very long time ago, rewritten by kings and rich people, then translated over and over again. And if religious people want to follow the bible, then they have to follow ALL of it, not just selected parts. But considering what people believed back then, I don’t know why they would want to do that.

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  2. I’m so sorry this has happened. I am also grateful I saw your post at Rob Goldstein’s because …. Sometimes it takes time before a person’s true self peeks out. I should tell you that Mike Sedona’s Gravatar imprint is on this post. Has he read it? I don’t know. There is one other Gravatar here that belongs to a person with extremely prejudiced views.

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    • I cannot control who reads or likes my posts, but I’m happy to say that Mr. Sedona no longer follows my blog.

      Do not be afraid of revealing prejudice wherever you find it, especially for those of us who haven’t discovered it yet.

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