When It Comes To Abortion Rights, ND Is The ‘Canary In The Coal Mine’


According to the report, $87.5 million in federal and state funding is given annually to abstinence-only programs across the country…

The anti-abortion movement has set up shop next door to the clinic. A visitation chapel owned by the Diocese of Fargo holds Mass on Wednesday mornings, and afterward, its members stand outside the clinic with signs and pamphlets…

RRWC has a team of sidewalk volunteers whose job is to get women into the clinic safely. Christensen, a physics professor and single dad who has been escorting patients at the clinic for two years, says he feels a responsibility to help the women. “I’m a white male who’s a big guy and I have a good job; it’s hard to get any more privileged than that,” he said. “This is a situation where people are being bullied essentially, so I feel like I have to do this.” …

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