Mother tries to find MMJ doctor for her son, a cancer patient

Susie Cromer
April 23 at 11:37am
Whats the easiest way to get a medical card for a cancer patient? Minor in new mexico. He is my 16 year old son.

Adrian Cisneros:   Southwest Integrative Health Center, 5310 Homestead N.E. St 400, (505)256-3648. Dr. A. Koffman is my primary doctor, he is authorized to prepare forms from dept. of Health. You must make him he primary doc. for your son.

Susie Cromer:  Thats the place where a young woman answered and turned me down. Im the mother and my son is 16.

Adrian Cisneros:  I am regretful you were not treated with respect at SWIHC. I have been getting my renewal there for 3 years with no problems. I hope your son receives the help needed and medication for his cancer

New Mexico Medical Cannabis Patient’s Alliance:  If your Dr is friendly he can sign the docs for you. If not, get records and we can refer you. Like peace medical , Zia health and there are others…..let us know if you need help……

Susie Cromer:  Ok. I do need help. He isnt taking chemo right now but the mass is there again.

New Mexico Medical Cannabis Patient’s Alliance: I understand that was where they got no help and were not treated well. You know where you can get the help you need Susie Cromer. I am glad to have assisted you and your son. I hope we can meet in person at some point. If you need anything else you have my number. For everyone else, if a place doesn’t treat you with respect then they don’t deserve your money. There are choices.

The choices are Peace Medical and Zia Health, services which patients have to pay extra to access.  Certain doctors affiliate themselves with these services and usually work at their facilities, but don’t appear to be available unless you pay the “referral fee” to Peace Medical and Zia Health for the privilege.

When I applied to New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis Program, I didn’t use these type of services, although some patients are happy to pay for the extra help.  It’s difficult to find a marijuana doctor on your own, and many patients are too sick to put forth the effort.  Plus, they are wary of the few doctors who do advertise, thinking they are card “mills.”

I had to see two different doctors for “severe chronic pain,” and the GP I saw in 2013 (found through an ad) later got in trouble with the State Medical Board, which took away his right to practice.  I don’t know if that’s forever or just for a set amount of time.  I believe the updated rules indicate that you only need to see one doctor for chronic pain, but it has to be a “specialist.”

Unfortunately, I don’t know which cancer specialists in New Mexico are willing to certify a patient for medical cannabis.

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