Judge nixes state agency’s rule for medical marijuana card


A judge has ruled that the New Mexico Department of Health cannot require medical marijuana patients to exhaust “standard treatments” before they receive cannabis for relief.

That’s really good news 😀

The decision by state District Judge David Thomson came late Wednesday in a lawsuit brought by Santa Fe psychiatrist Carola Kieve. It may force the Department of Health to change its newly promulgated rules and application forms…

The judge cited a form letter the department sent to an applicant as evidence that it skirted the law. The letter informed the prospective patient that his application was incomplete because he had not provided documentation of “medications or standard treatments that have failed.”

Kieve’s lawyer, Brian Egolf of Santa Fe, said she “took on the cause of PTSD sufferers because it was the right thing to do.”

“Now, more patients will get the help they need,” Egolf said.

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