It’s been so long since I had a road rage incident, I almost forgot what it felt like…

I’m traveling behind the truck you see in the photo, and every time the truck driver hit the gas, a huge cloud of smoke came out of the tailpipe.  This was a nice truck and it was obvious to me that the driver had this feature added, not like those with really old cars who probably couldn’t afford to fix something like that.  No, this driver enjoyed making his engine rev so all that black smoke came out of the tailpipe, as if this was macho or something.  Of course, it’s not like he had to breathe it in — that was a gift for me, the driver behind him, with my windows down, previously enjoying a beautiful day in the Q.

I stayed far behind the truck, light after light, waiting for my left turn so I could escape the smoke. But the car traveling behind me wasn’t happy with that.  He started honking at me and that’s when I lost it.  I threw up my hands, yelling at him like he could hear me, when the only person who could hear my rant was, of course, me.  To please the irate driver behind me, I sped up, driving dangerously because he pissed me off.  I suppose I was lucky that he didn’t follow me into the grocery store parking lot with a gun or something.

As a chronic pain patient, driving without any kind of medication to manage my pain creates situations like this.  I wasn’t proud of overreacting, and getting angry just made my head pound. It was a useless waste of energy, but I couldn’t help myself.

So, if you see me driving on the roadways in the Q, I would advise leaving me the hell alone. Without bud, I’m a dangerous driver.

(Photo taken 4/28/2015.)

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