Drinking in public, sure, but vaping? No way.


Ohio Might Be The Next State To Allow Public Drinking In Major Cities

Assuming he does, Ohio will become the 18th state to allow public drinking in any form and the seventh state to permit public drinking in certain tourist-friendly parts of the city, which are often called “entertainment districts.” Such districts were inspired by the success that New Orleans and Las Vegas have had attracting tourists to their streets with the promise of legal open-air drinking…


Portland, Maine, Bans E-Cigarettes in Public

The City Council voted 7-1 Monday night to prohibit people from using e-cigarettes in public places, making Portland the 275th U.S. community to restrict use of the relatively new technology…

Caitlyn Connors, however, opposed the ordinance. She said that e-cigarettes have helped her quit a 12-year smoking habit. She hasn’t smoked a cigarette in 11/2 years and has been inhaling nicotine-free vapor for the last month.

Connors said ignorance about the safety of the vapor emitted is no excuse to ban it in public. “I feel like ‘we don’t know’ is an unacceptable answer in the realm of public service,” said Connors, who gave councilors studies noting the safety of vapors. “I’d rather hear, ‘We don’t know, but we will find out.’ “

Dr. Michael Bell, a Scarborough resident who spends a lot of time in Portland, said e-cigarettes are helping people quit smoking and that regulating them like tobacco will encourage people to keep smoking cigarettes.

“It’s scientifically inaccurate to equate vaping with tobacco,” said Bell, who said nicotine by itself is no more harmful than coffee or French fries…

4 thoughts on “Drinking in public, sure, but vaping? No way.

    • Ignorance. Fear. A lot of people think vaping is the same as smoking, which of course, it’s not. And that drinking in public is harmless, even though it causes fights and then, there’s the drive home.

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    • I would say that nicotine in small amounts isn’t as addictive as the combined chemicals in tobacco cigarettes, but I still think nicotine is addictive, and can be harmful (even deadly) in large amounts. But cigarettes are also addictive because of the delivery methods, both smoking/combustion and the chemicals added by the manufacturers to increase the effects.

      I don’t now that much about what’s found in the liquid nicotine used when vaping, but since there isn’t any regulation for these products, I would be concerned about what, exactly, was in them. Cannabis extracts have some of the same problems, especially when they’re not regulated. Can’t stick a label on something if you don’t test and really know what’s in it. Consumers/patients shouldn’t have to guess.


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