Very few treatment options for pain patients

We have very little access to treatments that we do find helpful. Some people may benefit slightly from their antidepressant/diet/exercise regimen, but most do not. Although antidepressants are helpful for those that do exhibit depressive symptoms, but what about those who don’t? I was not depressed before I was started on a whole array of different antidepressants. After taking them for some time, I became very depressed. They are not meant to be used for people who are not depressed to begin with because they tend to have the opposite effect. I have tried the two FDA approved medications for fibromyalgia with little to no improvement. I take my vitamins and minerals. I take my muscle relaxers. I use essential oils. I have regular chiropractic adjustments. I do stretches. I exercise regularly. I do acupuncture. I eat well. I fill my body with mostly healthy things. I have detoxed. I research regularly and try new things ALL THE TIME. I have tried nearly every trick in the book to find some sort of relief, but so far not a damn thing has made enough of a difference for me to continue it. The doctor has no idea what to do with me, my family has no idea what to do with me, I have no idea what to do with me. I feel like I have reached to end of my rope, and that nothing can help me. I will keep trying of course, but I am running out of things to try.

Now, I kind of feel like there are two solutions to help alleviate some of the pain, yet they are both illegal. I could go out and buy a pain prescription from somebody, but for many reasons, it is a bad idea. I have thought about it many of times in the past, and still do. I mean if I cannot rely on my doctor, or the DEA, to at least help me make it through the day without excruciating pain, then maybe I should just help myself. Here are the problems with that: I could wind up in the legal system, and trust me, I have met plenty of people that have wound up in the system for 6 plus years for a pill or two. If it is not your prescription, it is a big deal. Very unwise, but doable. Imagine the price of living that way though, both for the money cost, and for the chance you were caught. That is jail time, and if you are lucky, pre-release, then probation for many years after that. Nothing I am interested in. If I beg my doctor then I will only look like a drug seeker. But, really, I am only seeking some relief! My age is an obstacle, I mean who would give a pain killer script to a healthy “looking” 24 year old? I just want something to help!

Another option is marijuana…

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