I won the lottery!

Re:  Has ganado la loteria

From:  Uk National Lottery, lars@gastonvin.se

Se adjunta a la notificacion de premio. El archivo adjunto es un archivo pdf seguro.


Thanks Google translator, without you, I wouldn’t have know that I’ve won the lottery.  It appears .se is a URL from Sweden… Swedish scammers?  Damn, say it ain’t so…

More AOL scammers

Re:  Urgent Issue

From:  ushyuera@eim.ae

Dear Customer ,

We are terminating inactive accounts to give room for new users and your email was listed as part of the accounts due for termination To keep your email active, Hit the “Validate” button below and log in.


A O L Customer Service

Hey you scammers, over there in the United Arab Emirates, Americans are not as dumb as you think we are.  (Validate this, assholes.)

Hector Morejon, Unarmed Teen Shot, Killed By Police…

…Cried For His Mother: ‘Mommy, Mommy, Please Come’


Hector Morejon, the youngest of five children, made that plea for help after he was shot by a Long Beach, California, police officer, who allegedly thought the 19-year-old was in possession of a firearm Thursday afternoon…

Morejon, who was in critical condition when he was admitted to a local hospital, was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.  According to police, “a weapon was not recovered from the scene.” …

Baltimore Residents Come Together To Clean Up City After Riots


But out of the chaos has come a flurry of community outreach to put Baltimore back together. On Tuesday morning, residents came together to clean up areas damaged by the unrest. More than 2,500 people had joined a Baltimore cleanup effort Facebook event as of Tuesday afternoon, and the numbers continue to grow.

“I thought it was my civic duty to come out to restore my neighborhood,” Baltimore resident Myra Keane told CBS Baltimore…

Your smartphone may be tracking your every move


If you have an iPhone or an Android, chances are that every single move you make is being tracked, location by location, including the exact times you were there. And if it’s an Android, all that tracking data is being sent straight to Google…  To shut off tracking on an iPhone, follow these step-by-step instructions…

The Powerful Reason Why An Art Student Chose To Sit Blindfolded And Almost Naked On Campus


With headphones covering her ears and a blindfold on her face, 22-year-old Monika Rostvold spent 45 minutes on Monday morning sitting almost naked on the steps of the Alkek Library on the Texas State University campus…

“I wanted people to view my body as beauty and power and not a sexual object. The fact that it is Sexual Assault Awareness Month I wanted to create a piece about the standards that exist in our society,” Rostvold told the San Antonio Express-News. “Being a victim and having friends who are victims of sexual assault I wanted to take control of my body by eliminating my presence and exposing myself.”

This year’s campaign for Sexual Assault Awareness Month focuses on the prevention of sexual violence on college campuses. Rostvold’s performance is said to be part of the “Never Asking For It” movement, a student-led campaign that’s based on the idea that women, regardless of appearance or behavior, should never be subjected to sexual violence…

According to the San Antonio Express-News, Rostvold was approached by campus police, but was not told to leave. Texas State Police Sgt. Daniel Benitez told the news outlet that he “did not find Rostvold’s performance to be illegal.” …


What Should High Schools Do? 44 Percent of Sexual Assaults Happen Before College

Overdoses From Synthetic Marijuana 4 Times As High As In 2014


On Thursday, U.S. health officials saw 172 reports of overdoses from spice… That number represented the most single-day overdoses from the drug this year. Nationwide, there have been about 1,000 reports of spice-related hospitalizations in April alone, more than double the total number of cases seen in the first three months of 2015 and nearly four times the total recorded by this time last year, the New York Times reported…


“The public must understand the overwhelming danger associated with Spice and other poisonous substances like it,” Dr. Bernard Eichold, a health officer in Alabama, told Tech Times. “It’s causing people to become seriously ill, including creating potential kidney damage in some.”…

“Legalize the real stuff, for godsake,” said Tech Times reader Michael Goolsby, a sentiment echoed by many. “We, as a society, are absolute morons for criminalizing the personal consumption of one of nature’s most useful plants. And no, Spice is NOT like marijuana. Not one bit. It should not be called ‘synthetic marijuana,’ and does not have ANY of the legitimate plant it.”

Scam warning: watch out for fraudulent Nepalese-earthquake charities


Give.org is the website maintained by the Better Business Bureau’s “Wise Giving Alliance,” which essentially rates charities same way the BBB rates businesses. Yesterday, the WGA issued a warning “advis[ing] donors to avoid being taken advantage of by questionable solicitations or wasting their money on poorly managed relief efforts” connected to the earthquake.

Along with the warning, Give.org posted an alphabetized list of BBB/WGA-accredited charities currently collecting contributions for relief efforts in Nepal. If you want to donate to a charity, check first to see if that charity is on the list…

Feds fine Regions Bank for gouging customers with illegal overdraft fees


The bureau announced Tuesday that Regions Bank has been fined $7.5 million for charging overdraft fees to thousands of consumers who had not opted-in for overdraft coverage. The fine comes on top of a consent order with the bureau, also announced Monday, requiring the Birmingham, Ala.-based bank to pay back all consumers who had been affected by the unwarranted overdafts…

The bureau found that Regions bank allowed consumers to link their checking accounts to savings accounts or lines of credit. Once that link was established, funds from the linked account would automatically be transferred to cover a shortage in a consumer’s checking account. But Regions never provided customers with linked accounts an opportunity to opt in for overdraft. Because those consumers had not opted in, Regions could have simply declined ATM or one-time debit card transactions that exceeded the available balance in both the checking and linked accounts. Instead, the bank paid those transactions, tacking on and overdraft fee of $36, in violation of the opt-in rule…

Pediatricians find it’s too easy for teens to buy supplements


Teenage drug use – be they illegal substances or prescription drugs – is an ongoing concern. Now pediatricians are adding dietary supplements to their list of worries.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has reviewed a series of studies that posed this question: could a fifteen-year-old call a health food store and purchase a dietary supplement, even though the label read “for adult use only.”

Not only were the teens enlisted for the experiment able to buy the supplements, AAP says the staff in many stores helpfully recommended certain products. To be clear, the sales clerks were doing nothing illegal. Only one state prohibits minors from purchasing dietary supplements.

Supplements might appear harmless but AAP recommends that both males and females under 18 avoid these body-shaping products, unregulated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)…

“Teenagers dealing with negative body images are increasingly turning to over-the-counter supplements, despite recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics to avoid such products, said Dr. Ruth Milanaik, of Cohen Children’s Medical Center, who helped oversee the project…

Attention Chronic Pain Patients

The only stories being told about chronic pain patients in the media have been in Florida, and that news is about pharmacies refusing to fill prescriptions.  The rest of the media is focused on the opioid “epidemic” and drug overdoses.

But the stories of pain patients being abandoned by their doctors; of doctors refusing to treat us; about signs in doctor’s offices that say “We don’t treat chronic pain patients”; the months and months patients have to wait for an appointment with a pain clinic; the small amount of pain specialists available to treat millions of pain patients; doctors who only want to prescribe antidepressants to manage pain; treatments that are forced on us but only result in harm; insurance companies that refuse to cover chronic pain; and pain patients who’ve given up and committed suicide — these and many others are the stories which are not being told.

I’ve created a new category on my blog entitled “Voices of Pain Patients.”  No, my blog isn’t seen by that many people and it is not a replacement for media coverage of our stories, but it’s the best I can do.  It’s so very important for our stories to be told, and not only on Facebook, where our voices are lost as part of that large crowd.

Won’t you help me to at least publicize our stories here on my website?  Send me your stories and I will post them.  If you need help telling your story, just let me know.  You can reach me at painkills2@aol.com.