Attention Chronic Pain Patients

The only stories being told about chronic pain patients in the media have been in Florida, and that news is about pharmacies refusing to fill prescriptions.  The rest of the media is focused on the opioid “epidemic” and drug overdoses.

But the stories of pain patients being abandoned by their doctors; of doctors refusing to treat us; about signs in doctor’s offices that say “We don’t treat chronic pain patients”; the months and months patients have to wait for an appointment with a pain clinic; the small amount of pain specialists available to treat millions of pain patients; doctors who only want to prescribe antidepressants to manage pain; treatments that are forced on us but only result in harm; insurance companies that refuse to cover chronic pain; and pain patients who’ve given up and committed suicide — these and many others are the stories which are not being told.

I’ve created a new category on my blog entitled “Voices of Pain Patients.”  No, my blog isn’t seen by that many people and it is not a replacement for media coverage of our stories, but it’s the best I can do.  It’s so very important for our stories to be told, and not only on Facebook, where our voices are lost as part of that large crowd.

Won’t you help me to at least publicize our stories here on my website?  Send me your stories and I will post them.  If you need help telling your story, just let me know.  You can reach me at

2 thoughts on “Attention Chronic Pain Patients

  1. The American Society of Addiction Medicine is behind this just as they were behind the changes in DSM5 and the rescheduling of hydrocodone. Essentially a lobbying group that pushes public policy tat benefits the drug and alcohol assessment and treatment and the drug testing industry. But as a front group this influence is hidden behind feel good fallacy, propaganda and misinformation. Look up the ASAM White Paper on Drug Testing to see what they have planned and there is no reason to believe this won’t happen. A “diploma mill” medical specialty not recognized by the ABMS . “Addiction medicine” is positioned to gain ABMS specialty approval by 2016 and 4000 or more of these illegitimate irrational “authorities” will then enter the halls of medicine – a vast network of specialists trained in one singular model of addiction that supports the profiteers behind it and the chronic brain disease model of addiction with lifelong abstinence and spiritual recovery requiring a revolving door of testing, assessment and treatment reinforced by swift and certain consequences will pervade society. Once this exodus of stagnant thought enters the scene they will Jon ethics committees, research panels and any other committee where they can outvote the free thinkers, the thoughtful and those of honest intellectual integrity. The procession of medicine is falling quickly with anti-science and loss of ethical ideals but when this happens Medicine will be akin to the profession as it was in the Middle Ages and subordinate to a false construct. And no one seems to care at this point m time .


    • Do you think you might have a rather narrow focus on these issues? It’s not only addiction “medicine” that’s captured the medical industry’s anti-science focus — interventional “medicine” is just as troublesome. And behind it all, the DEA pulling everybody’s strings.

      After three decades of being treated like a drug addict because I suffer from chronic pain, I suppose I’m used to it. But I guess there aren’t very many doctors who are used to the same kind of treatment. Dude, welcome to the drug war. It sucks, don’t it?

      No one seems to care but you, huh? Well, for doctors, I suppose that will change at some point in time, but I’m guessing not any time soon. The drug war includes lots and lots of victims, and until the medical industry stands up for science, we’re all stuck with what we’ve got.

      Considering the millions and millions of pain patients out there, don’t you think I feel the same way about no one caring? I wouldn’t want to choose from the options currently available to doctors regarding addiction treatment, but I know you wouldn’t want my choices as a pain patient. Looks like we’ve both been screwed… and no one cares.

      Thinking about this stuff makes my head hurt… I’m gonna have some chocolate and I suggest you do the same. Other than that advice, I don’t know how to help you.


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