Voices of pain patients


Sande June Bashaw:  It’s extremely difficult being young and needing pain management. I was 23 when I had my first spinal fusion, it took me two years for my doctor to even believe me and order an MRI. Less than a month after I was having back surgery. Luckily my PM is a great doctor. I’ve seen so many pain specialists I have developed Arachnoiditis from having over 100 ESI’s done. I hope some day things will be different for those of us suffering. I’ve had one PM doctor tell me If I were older he would feel comfortable prescribing medicine to me…ugh excuse me, but I feel the exact pains if not worse pain than someone twice my age. I was so angry, I told him that’s fine you feel that way, but do you realize some of your patients are out in the waiting room right now talking about selling their morphine? He kicked me out of his office. I’m sorry, but it’s BS. I’m 25 years old with a screwed up spine (no pun intended), permanently disabled and can’t even get proper pain relief because of the laws. They treat the wrong people like criminals. Believe me, I wish and pray every single day of my life that this wasn’t my life…but that’s not going to change anything. It’s just not fair.

Holly Meschko:  I agree. A friend posted about her dog getting a prescription of tramadol for his back. I had such excruciating neck pain yesterday I had to go to the ER. They asked “Well what do you want us to do?” I didn’t DARE ask for anything! They gave me a shot of toradol. [Toradol is an NSAID.]  My spine is so bad they wanted to do surgery years ago. NOW doctors say “I don’t see a reason for your pain”. They pretend, that what clearly shows on the MRI scans, isn’t there. It’s unconscionable the way patients in pain are treated now!

Donna M. Harker:  Yes I know I have 3 bad chronic pain conditions and I have been doing my best to keep it bearable usings vitamins and a tens unit and I asked my doctor if there was anything else I could do and he looked at me with the straightest of faces and said “You have a chronic pain illness you are going to have pain, you better get used to it.” and then he said “they don’t want us to prescribe pain medicine so no matter what I will not do that!” I didn’t ask him to nor did I expect that he might actually behave like I don’t know maybe a doctor but that just pissed me off and I mention it everytime I see him.

Joyce Watkins:  I have contacted an attorney as I was cut off my pain Meds without warning and suffered withdrawal.

Kelli McKiernan:  You’re going to be paying thousands of dollars in attorney fees and get nowhere. My primary care doctor did the same thing to me. Who is prescribing pain meds and anti anxiety medication for over a year and a half and then January 2014 I went in for my monthly scheduled visit and he said, no more. I said you can’t just cut me off like that and he said I could do whatever I want and if you want pain pills go to the ER…Which we know that the ER is not going to give us pain meds And if they do it would maybe for a day or two. For 4 months I suffer with no medication and then I found a pain management specialist. They are the only doctors who will prescribe pain meds.

Joyce Watkins:  My dr is not the problem, he monitors me very closely and gives me what I need. The pharmacist is the one who decided on his own, without talking to me or my dr. He said he would not refill the prescriptions. Same drug store I have used for 12 years.

Debra Fisher:  I hope that there is a lawsuit. My 37 year old son had been getting his legitimate pain medication filled at Walgreens for years until they merged with Alliance Boots and started that questionnaire thing. When my son was 22, a little old lady pulled out in front of his motorcycle. He was doing the speed limit but you can’t stop a motorcycle that’s doing 50 when a car pulls out in front of you. He had horrific injuries and a metal plate put into his arm which he is allergic to but the doctors won’t remove it. 10 years later, he was diagnosed with Erythropoietic Protoporphyria and Acute Intermittent Porphyria. He has been hospitalized over his attacks which could kill him. The ONLY medication that works for the pain is oxycontin but last year, Walgreens quit filling his prescriptions. The DEA is harassing his doctor and many others in the Las Vegas area so his doctor is terrified of even prescribing pain medication.

It has been sad to see my once brilliant son now having to spend his life in incredible pain and barely be able to function. He was so anti drug in his younger years…he doesn’t smoke, never took illegal drugs (actually, I couldn’t hardly get him to take medication when he needed to), and never drank alcohol. But he is persecuted for being in pain. This has to stop.

Arianne Grand-Gassaway:  But understand, if the docs think you’re pharmacy shopping they’ll stop prescribing or just kick you out of their ‘pain program’. The whole thing is so ludicrous. I’d rather suffer with pain than suffer the indignation of being treated like that.

Robyn Nesbit:  I don’t even take a schedule 2 drug mine is a schedule 4 pain med, and I’m now feeling the wrath of this, last month they switched manufacturers, well I know it sounds odd, but I will get side affects from certain inactive ingredients in medicines, I’ve been having side affects all this month, I went in to my pharmacy to discuss this as I go to my doc on Monday and will get my new script, I asked if and when they will be getting my med from the other manufacturer that they’ve been using for the last 6 years and was told they didn’t know as they are having a hard time getting any meds, well I told him the quality of this medicine is not the same and the inactive ingredients are making me sick, his advice was, well maybe your doctor can give you something else in place of what your on, maybe an anti-depressant, well in the first place my medicine is a very low dose schedule 4 narcotic, it’s rather low on the totem pole, but it works for me, and another thing, I’m Not taking anti-depressants because I’ve never been diagnosed with depression and people that take these meds for chronic pain that were meant for other things like something a mental disorder are now having to take other meds for the side effects and they end up on dozens of meds to curb all the side effects. I’m sorry but I take 1 and only 1 medicine and 1 and only 1 OTC medicine and I’m not taking anything that wasn’t designed for my diagnosis, I’m not depressed, I don’t have ADHD, I don’t have panic attacks, I don’t have PTSD, and I da*n sure don’t have fibromyalgia,( even tho they tried to diagnose me with that years ago, giving me Lyrica, which was a new drug and it ruined my eyesight) So No I’m not taking all these experimental drugs they are now trying to use for chronic pain just because they don’t want to prescribe narcotics. But I’m not taking 20 different meds a day, and I won’t

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  1. This. I am only 24 and suffer from severe fibromyalgia, ME/CFS, GERD, etc. and I can hardly make it through work some days. I am in so much pain that I can hardly stand it, but no matter how much pain I am in, my age bars me from receiving any type of pain medication. It’s so irritating to me that the DEA would rather millions of people just suffer in pain to correct the 11% abuse rate? Um really? Thanks to them, anybody who does receive narcotics look like druggies to people around them when they need those medications just to get by. I wrote about this on my page http://www.fibromyalgiafiles.com if you are interested. I love the presentation of your post, and these things need to be said! The DEA needs to figure out a better way to handle all of this!

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    • I love the picture of trees at the top of your website. And I’ll take some time later on to read all your posts. I’m just wondering about leaving comments, as it asks for my name and email address. I don’t think I’ve ever seen WordPress comment sections require that information — not that I’m averse to giving it to you, but other people might be. See ya soon. 🙂


    • I also wanted to mention that your blog doesn’t have anywhere for people to “like” your posts. Looks like you need to do a little snooping around in your WordPress Settings and Themes functions. I’m not that knowledgeable about WordPress, but I can try to help if you need it.


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