Error message in WordPress

This webpage is not available


The “dns probe finished no internet” error usually appears when you try to access the internet via the Google Chrome browser even though the internet works fine on other internet browsers like Mozilla or Internet explorer for Windows 8. This will prevent you from accessing any kind of web pages until you fix it. So you will only need to follow the tutorial posted below for a quick fix on this error and prevent it from appearing again…

There are 38 steps to this fix… seriously.  And although I keep getting this error message, it usually happens if my computer is busy downloading another web page, and it resolves if I close out of the other web page and reload WordPress.  You’d think that since I have a Core i5, which is supposed to let me do more than one thing at a time, I wouldn’t have these kinds of problems. I think this is partly due to my Verizon internet service, which especially at certain times of the day, is extremely slow.

Putin Mar 6, 2015 12:40AM
go to START and Run and type in the following commands:
cmd (enter)

c:\netsh winsock reset (enter)

remember restart your computer

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