Michael Robertson, 27, said his friend — who had a record of drug arrests — ran because he “had a history with that police beating him.” …

Beyond damage to his spinal cord, Gray had a crushed voice box…

(Photo credit:  Baltimore Sun)

2 thoughts on “The 45-minute mystery of Freddie Gray’s death

  1. Papua New Guinea is the country which adopted the Australian lives styles but most of us leaves in the remote villages who spends more to get across to towns cities or nearest aidpost to get better medical treatments many of us dead in serious illness especially the native villages.
    However many government relief
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    • I’m sorry, but I don’t work for an NGO… In fact, I’m disabled and unemployed. I wish I could help you, but I can barely help myself. I would guess that you need to contact someone in the U.S. State Department, but I don’t know anything about the issues like those in your country, sorry.


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