“State cop ahead with a bad attitude PMS and a gun”


HONDO, N.M. (KRQE)- It’s a New Mexico highway sign that definitely catches your attention. It basically says slow down because there’s a cranky cop with a gun waiting for you.

“State cop ahead with a bad attitude PMS and a gun,” that’s what a sign says coming into Hondo on Highway 380 near Ruidoso.

Joe Switzer owns Tangle Y Wood-N-Art and the sign, just off the highway. He says although it may seem like he has something against state police, he has a lot of respect for the officers that patrol the area and they’re his friends.

“I put the sign up kind of as a joke for them and to help them to try to get people to slow down traveling through the Hondo valley,” said Switzer…

The sign has been making people laugh, and think twice about speeding.

As for Officer Dias, he gets a kick out of the sign. “No hard feelings, it’s funny and it gives awareness,” he said.

The store owner says he changes the sign from time to time with funny or patriotic messages. His favorite is “Cremation: last chance at a smoking hot body.”

Okay, okay, some women get a bad attitude when they’re PMSing, but it’s not like it’s our fault. 🙂

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