Police are warning the public, especially cupcake lovers, about a new type of crime.  Dubbed as Cupcake Heists, the criminals involved confiscate these desserts when the cupcake lover’s back is turned.  Then they retreat to a safe place to consume their loot, leaving the remains behind to resemble plain, tacky trash.  So far this year, 420 complaints of stolen cupcakes have been recorded by law enforcement.

Police have no clues, as they say the criminals use gloves and don’t leave fingerprints. DNA samples could not be found, although it is believed that the criminals are human considering the mess they leave behind.  And while people living in the area of these crimes report the scent of marijuana in the air, no connection has been made to bud lovers.  The DEA agents working on this case believe that potheads are too lazy to wear gloves and use other techniques to cover up their crimes.

Chief of Police Debbie Karma requests that the public be on the look out for people with a lot of energy and any evidence of crumbs or frosting on their persons.  Chief Karma says not to engage these criminals, as it is well know that the consumption of sugar can make people dangerous. Instead, she asks that you take a picture and post it on social media in the hope that shame will be enough to put an end to these heinous crimes.

(Photo taken at the crime scene on 4/25/2015.)

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