Comparing ISPs in Albuquerque

Comcast:  $39.99 for 25mbps

CenturyLink:  $34.95 for 10mbps

CNSP:  $45.99 for 10mbps

Cibola Wireless:  $69.95 for 10mbps

WiPower:  $99.95 for 10mbps

Lobo Internet:  $100.00 for 0.512mbps

The average internet speed in New Mexico is 22.7mbps.

Download nationwide average:  35.49mpbs

Albuquerque:  22.56mbps

Upload nationwide average:  11.23mbps

Albuquerque:  6.28mbps

Speed Test for my connection, Verizon 4G LTE, on 4/26/2015 at 3:57am:

Download:  17.63mbps

Upload:  7.41mbps


1/11/2015 by Jason A.

…At no time did my case get handed off with any information, but simply passed around like some baby seal on the nose of a pod of orcas.

No company should be allowed to stay in business with the indifference to common decency that they demonstrate. And it is not atypical. It is obviously the intent of the company to understaff, to deter service use by driving the customer from holding, and avoid lost business and revenue by making withdrawal more painful than addiction.

4/4/2014 by N C.

Absolutely the most inept, ineffectual, unhelpful customer service experience of my life. After being charged 5x our normal internet bill (due to company error), two days on the phone with ‘customer service’, countless efforts to be sold new products or services, and complete disregard for our request to resolve the overcharge (including two managers’ refusal to even speak to us to try to resolve the issue), OUR ISSUE WAS STILL NOT RESOLVED. We’ve cancelled our service — after 7 years — and couldn’t be happier about discontinuing our relationship with this dreadful organization.

4/7/2015 by Jamie E.

I wish I could give zero stars. They keep charging me more and more money without an explanation. I have never missed a payment (I pay online with autopay). When I try to speak to representative I get hung up on or transferred so I have to keep giving them the same information over and over again for them to “protect my account.” I cannot even cancel the account because they keep transferring me and dropping my calls. This is by far the WORST customer service that I have ever encountered. Buyer beware. I signed a two year contract and after 1 year they increased my fee.


4/6/2015 by David M.

I’ll add to the lousy reviews. This is the worst service I’ve had since I used a 9600 baud modem. Seriously. Customer service is fine though clueless. Highly highly dissatisfied customer.

On modem number 4. They keep blaming my self-install or “the lines” … as an IT guy I can tell you it is their junk modems. If you do use them, but your own. But, don’t use them.

12/30/2014 by Pete G.

Okay, so check it out. My shit don’t work. Outages all the time. Like nonstop. I can’t stand it. If you want internet, try someone else. Comcast isn’t worth it…

3/29/2015 by Denise A.

I have had Comcast XFinity Service for 2 weeks now. I moved from Rio Rancho which is serviced by CableOne. I had always appreciated the customer and tech services before. I wish I could deal with them again because Comcast sucks!

I had the Xfinity box installed on 3/16/15. Immediately I had problems with the box freezing when trying to change channels, switch to on demand, etc. I had to reset the box and call tech services to “resignal” the box twice within 2 days…

8/27/2014 by Bobby S.



3/7/2015 by Rye B.

Added a 70 charge to my bill for sending out a tech when i moved to a new apartment. The cable wasn’t turned on from an outside box yet they expect that this is somehow my fault and i should pay for it. Called customer service and after explaining to the guy what was going on he puts me on hold for 10 minutes and comes back saying that they would remove the charge as a “one time courtesy”. Bitch please. If i didn’t need to have Comcast i would drop them in a heartbeat.

11/16/2014 by Alan V.

Rude customer service if you actually get someone from this country. We pay for 20 megabyte Internet with speeds ranging from 1-4. Internet buffers and cuts out sll the time. Everyone we call they try and sell more products. ..

11/7/2013 by Cee T.

…The first bill was a nightmare and not because of standard first bill issues. But because we were charged for things like extra outlet activation, monthly tech support plan, 2 cable cards instead of one. When the bill went up in 6 months instead of the promised year we were done...

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