#SubOversight Continues Work to Combat Prescription Drug and Opioid Abuse


WASHINGTON, DC – The House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, chaired by Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA), today held a hearing to discuss the growing problem of prescription drug and opioid abuse from professional and academic perspectives. Members heard from a number of experts about treatment options currently available and best practices for those suffering from addiction and abuse as part of the committee’s ongoing effort to confront this problem.

“Let me state clearly so as to leave no room for doubt: Our current strategies are failing and I am not going to stop until we start moving in the direction of success defined not just as getting individuals off of street drugs and onto a government-approved opioid, but getting them to the point of drug free living and to also identify appropriate treatment options for those with underlying mental illness,” Murphy said. “Today we have assembled some of the leading opioid addiction experts to get your thoughts about how to reverse this epidemic.”

Yeah, because the addiction industry doesn’t have any conflicts of interest, like all the federal dollars that result from these hearings and creating an “epidemic” where one doesn’t exist.

Advocating for drug-free living, as if that was even possible.  I’d like to see a list of the drugs that every member of congress takes, wouldn’t you?

Has congress ever thought that ending the drug war would help?  No, because that would make sense.  Did they talk about how cannabis can help drug addicts and alcoholics?  No, because they’re ignorant of such options.

Witnesses discussed the best options for treatment and prevention, including medical-assisted treatment, reducing the over-prescription of opioids, prescription drug monitoring programs, drug courts and the importance of federal, state, and local laws focused on overdose prevention…

You won’t find a congressional hearing on the epidemic of untreated and under-treated pain in the U.S., nor will you find a hearing about the abandonment of chronic pain patients and/or the increased suicide rate in this country.