Missouri Senate passes prescription drug monitoring program


Missouri is the only state in the country without a prescription drug monitoring program…

“We’re taking personal information from individuals that have done nothing wrong and putting it into a government database, and I for one just don’t believe that’s what we should be doing,” said Kraus. “I think that whenever you take an innocent person’s information and put it in a database that takes away their liberty that takes away their freedoms.”

Sater said prescription drug abuse amongst teens is on the rise.  “It a major problem for the abusers and also for our kids,” said Sater. “We have a growing problem with opiate abuse in our teenage population also.” …

Actually, the problem of opiate abuse is not that prevalent in the teenage population.  Such fears are used to pass drug laws — you know, what about the children?  But the problem of opiate overdoses is found more in those over the age of about 30, on the increase in people above the age of 40, and mostly found in the patient population for those who suffer from drug addiction. Of course, statistics are one to two years old, and don’t necessarily show yet that drug addicts have switched to street drugs like heroin, increasing the amount of drug overdoses.

And I can’t wait until Missouri politicians and other high-ranking officials find themselves being arrested for suffering from chronic pain, ruining their careers forever.

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